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The Professional Floor Sanding Commercial Floor team has built a very strong standing when it comes to commercial floor sanding and polishing projects in Sydney. Our commercial flooring contractors are experienced in large scale corporate projects and will ensure you are 100% satisfied with the floor sanding and timber floor installation work that we perform. We have worked with a number of high end commercial and corporate clients, some of which include:

  • Gloria Jeans Franchises
  • Vaucluse House
  • Sydney Harbour Convention Centre
  • Fox Studios
  • Westfield

Our customers have come to realize that we are a trustworthy company with an expert commercial floor team in place to handle our client’s commercial floor sanding and floor restoration needs. Our great reputation can only come from the excellent service our commercial flooring contractors provide for each of our customers.

Choose an Experienced Floor Sanding Company

When a company has a need for commercial floor sanding, they are faced with an important decision. If they were to try to renovate the floors themselves, they could run into a great number of problems. Sanding and polishing timber floors, especially on a large scale can be extremely difficult to achieve a uniform finish. Our Sydney Commercial Flooring offering makes the process of floor sanding, polishing and installation hassle free for our corporate clients. The beauty of the wood after the sanding is complete can make the difference to the successes of the company and its reputation and we are of the opinion that we are only as good as our last job.

The Professional Floor Sanding Sydney Commercial Flooring team has hundreds of testimonials that we provide to potential clients if they are not 100% certain on our credentials, experience and quality of the workmanship of our commercial flooring contractors. If you are faced with the tough task of deciding upon a floor sanding provider for an upcoming commercial floor sanding job then requesting testimonials and before and after shots is a good way to start the process. Any reputable company will be more than happy to provide you with as many details as possible in order to win your business and form a long-term working relationship. Our commercial flooring contractors will always ensure a quality finish to your timber floors while addressing any questions that you may have throughout the job.

In order to make sure that your commercial floor sanding job is completed correctly by our Sydney commercial flooring contractors and that the floors will look absolutely beautiful for your customer, make use of the skills that only a professional in floor sanding can bring. Professional Floor Sanding is the smart choice in this instance. We can eliminate the stress that can come with a major renovation and we can ensure a beautifully finished result and are always available to answer any of your questions before, during and after the project. Professional Floor Sanding appreciate the business that our commercial clients bring and for this reason we ensure we pass along extremely generous trade rates and discounts to make sure the relationship is a profitable one for all parties involved. We are a Sydney Commercial Flooring business that is always looking to pass along cost savings where possible to our clients.


Have you recently pulled up the carpet and found that you have been blessed with amazing wooden floors and are now considering hardwood floor finishing? All it would take is some hardwood floor restoration and you could have the most stunning natural wood floors that you have ever seen. The question now becomes, do you try to do it on your own or do you hire a professional to do the work?

When someone decides to cover up beautiful hardwood floors, it is typically because the floors have begun to look old and worn or that have scratches and are not that appealing any longer. It may seem a like a great deal of work to repair floors that have been mistreated or left untreated for many years so it seems easier to just cover it with carpet. If you are in love with the look of natural timber that has had proper hardwood floor finishing then you should make the effort to restore it.

Benefits of Hiring The Professionals For Your Hardwood Floor Finishing Project

When you hire a professional to handle your floor finishing needs you will find that your anxiety levels are much lower than if you were doing it yourself. The floors could be damaged worse if you allow someone that is not skilled to do the flooring finish. Experts know exactly how to use the machines and tools that are necessary to bring that floor back to life and they will save you money in the process.

Floor Finishing Done Right The First Time Round

Professional Floor Sanding is here to help with your hardwood floor finishing needs. Our team of experts will get the work done in a timely fashion and with results that you can be proud of. By filling out the online inquiry, you will be asking what we can do for your flooring needs. You will receive a quote that is specific to your needs and a guide to knowing which treatments are right for your floors. Put you trust in Professional Floors Sanding for your upcoming restoration and floor finishing project and you will find that our reputation for doing wonderful work is absolutely true.

Looking for Professionals For Your Floor Polishing Project?

There are a range of floor polishing stains and finishes available for sealing, staining and protecting your timber floorboards. Selecting the right timber polish and finish is an important first step and the consultants at Professional Floor Sanding will be able to assist you in advising on the best finish for your property. Some elements to consider when browsing available floor polishing finishes are:


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Professional Sydney Commercial Flooring has made it very easy to find out what we can do for any business with commercial floor sanding needs. Our commercial flooring contract specializes in both the sanding and laying of timber floors. By taking a few moments to fill out the online enquiry form on this page, you can receive a quote that is specific to your needs. We will send you a guide that will help you understand what is needed to get the results that you are looking for. Take the time to check out Professional Floor Sanding for your commercial floor sanding needs and see how our services can save you time, money, and a lot of stress.

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