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Supply and Installation

Professional Flooring is Sydney’s leading wood flooring specialist. Our timber floor showroom is one of the biggest in the region and we encourage you to visit us and browse through the variety of timber flooring options we have available. We offer the best quality timber flooring in Sydney, including bamboo timber flooring and laminate wood flooring.

Affordable Range Of Quality Timber Flooring Options

Whether you’re after a Blackbutt, Jarrah, Marri, or Karri floor, you’ll find the perfect solution at Professional Flooring. We have an extensive range of Australian and European brands consisting of hardwood, bamboo, solid and engineered wood flooring in Sydney.

Professional Flooring takes care of all your flooring needs, from advice on the designs on offer to timber flooring installation. Our trusted design consultants and skilled installers will ensure your home’s beauty is enhanced by the addition of a wooden floor. We are also one of Sydney leading dealers of the popular Quick-Step and Ready floor brands.

Let us renew any room in your home with our beautiful designs. Our customers love our kitchen designs with timber floors. Come and browse our kids’ play area where you can choose from a selection of wood flooring options at your leisure.

Why Choose our Services?

  • We stock a large range of pre-finished timber floors.
  • We offer a high-end of timber floors, including Blackbutt solid timber flooring, and other quality variations of wooden floors in NSW’s best prices.
  • We supply and install timber flooring across the Sydney metropolitan. Area country installations are available too.
  • Our knowledgeable staff members have many years’ of timber flooring experience and are able to advise you on the cost of timber flooring installation that you need.
  • We have a huge range of fully waterproof laminate.

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Professional Sydney Commercial Flooring has made it very easy to find out what we can do for any business with commercial floor sanding needs. Our commercial flooring contract specializes in both the sanding and laying of timber floors. By taking a few moments to fill out the online enquiry form on this page, you can receive a quote that is specific to your needs. We will send you a guide that will help you understand what is needed to get the results that you are looking for. Take the time to check out Professional Floor Sanding for your commercial floor sanding needs and see how our services can save you time, money, and a lot of stress.


Installing timber floors in your home is a big task and requires a high level of expertise to ensure the use of the best practice in the timber floor industry.

There are many different scenarios for Timber floor installations like:

  • Removing the carpet/vinyl and installing the timber floor on top of the subfloor
  • Removing the tiles and installing the timber floor on top of the subfloor
  • Installing a new timber floor in a newly constructed house over the concrete slab
  • Installing a new timber floor on top of an existing and worn out timber floor

Our team can install many types of timber floors like:

  • Solid hardwood floor
  • Engineered floor
  • Laminate floating floor
  • Bamboo floor
  • Parquetry floor

Timber floor installation technique

The Installation technique of a new timber floor will depend on many factors like the type of the subfloor and the type of the new floor, but generally speaking there are four ways of installing a new timber floors like:

  • Use of the glue
  • Use of the nails
  • Use both of the glue and nails
  • Use of an interlocking system

Most of our timber floor technicians are members of Wood Flooring Association and they are following the best practice of timber floor installation and using the latest machines and tooling to ensure the best possible outcome for our clients, all of them are fully insured too for peace of mind, on top of that all our works come with 12 month workmanship warranty as we always keep our clients fully satisfied with our works.

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